January 24, 2020

The Stress-Reducing Potential of Zeolite

The Stress Reducing potential of Zeolite

The stress-reducing potential of zeolite for peace of mind

The stress-reducing potential of zeolite works well for those who want to feel more peaceful, improve sleep, have some relaxing time with a soothing calmness, or react better to environmental stress.

Stress is a disease of the modern world. The constant race for money and security takes its toll on all of us. As we have often heard, stress makes us lose our ability to think straight and make the best possible decisions. As a result, we may be running to extinguish one crisis after the other. In such a state of mind, there are few precious moments of peace, but ultimately, we all need more than that.

Micronized tribomechanically activated zeolite clinopilolite doesn’t directly act on the brain to activate our body’s relaxed and stress-free state. That is so because the micronized particles of zeolite are too big to pass the intestinal barrier.

That’s why zeolite works best with the micronized structure, not the nano-structure. As a result, it also cannot enter through the blood-brain barrier. So it acts indirectly and remotely from the gut. Working through the “brain-gut axis,” zeolite removes toxins, heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and excess pH acidity.

Can you have less stress if you supplement your food with zeolite clinoptilolite?

If someone regularly exposes himself to an unhealthy dose of stress, his whole life will be affected. Furthermore, career will suffer, and relationships will decline. Emotional and physical health will take a hit, and one will feel depressed, lost, and unwanted.

Specifically, managers, all kinds of business people, individuals prone to diseases, those with fragile health, and emotionally sensitive people are all daily vulnerable to stress.

On the positive side, the stress-reducing potential of zeolite may help our body build a powerful shield against stress-exposing. Therefore, as a preventive measure, taking daily the zeolite powder can reduce stress accumulation.

The preventive amount is 3-5 grams of zeolite per day. In addition, taking zeolite is not time-limited because it is not addictive or habit-forming. Nor does it accumulate in the body and has no unwanted effects.

The Stress-Reducing Potential of Zeolite
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