August 24, 2019

Discover Zeolite – Can it Remove Pesticides From Consumed Food?

Discover Zeolite - Can it Remove Pesticides From Consumed Food?

Discover Zeolite and its ability to remove pesticides from consumed food. Could we be poisoning ourselves, and how to get poison-free?

Discover zeolite and its unique capability to adsorb pretty much anything harmful to human health. In view of the research of Andrea Mastinu and colleagues, it adsorbs: 

  • mycotoxins
  • ammonia
  • heavy metals
  • radioactive materials, and
  • pesticides.

Every one of us has a body full of vital force. That natural vitality of the body protects the body and ensures its survival. But we get sick when the body consistently receives exposure to the harmful influence of the elements that should not be in the body. Such elements as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, aflatoxins, nitrosamines, ammonia, and mycotoxins, are often present in the food we eat.

While by eating, we try to preserve life and survive, we also slowly poison our bodies through that same activity.

More than ever, the people of our planet are careful about health; however, more than ever also, we eat the most chemically-polluted food. In the past, people just picked the apple from the tree.

But today, before collecting the ripe fruit, one apple tree gets 20 pesticide sprinklings. Apples are one of the most healthy fruits, depending on who grows them.

Unless one is very careful about the source of his food and how it was grown, he or she is most likely to eat pesticide-filled, poisonous food. And with so many toxic components in the body, the body’s vital force gets weaker, and diseases occur after some time.

Therefore, zeolite clinoptilolite is essential in helping our body get rid of harmful pesticides while they are still in our gastrointestinal tract. But unfortunately, once the toxic chemicals get into our blood, it’s difficult to prevent them from damaging our organs.

Go pesticide-free, even if accidentally ingested

Regardless of how careful we are about eating healthy and only organic food, we may still unintentionally ingest pesticides or herbicides. They will eventually accumulate in our system and cause problems.

But, if from time to time, one gets a 40-60-day zeolite cleansing program done, there are much better chances to restore the vital force of the body. That force will keep us healthy and fit for longer when it is strong.

So many new people discover zeolite every day. They use it to revitalize and restart their original life force. They help make it more powerful.. As it should be.

Discover Zeolite - Can it Remove Pesticides From Consumed Food?
Discover Zeolite – Can it Remove Pesticides From Consumed Food?
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Help your body get rid of harmful pesticides. When they get into the blood, it's difficult to prevent them from damaging the organs.
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