VAM Technology

Vibro Activation Technology

In order to effectively absorb toxins, natural zeolite must first be activated. Today, most zeolites are activated by a very common method, which results in only a small percentage of zeolite that is actually activated, leaving the remaining bulk ineffective.

However, our patented VAM* activation technology, which stems from over thirty years of research by our chief scientist—the renowned Dr. Mirsad Sadikovic—makes our zeolite the only zeolite on the market that functions at the cellular level.

Indeed, our VAM activation technology activates our zeolite on four levels:

  •  Thermal activation
  •  Mechanical activation
  •  Vibro-activation
  •  Electro-activation

This VAM technology leads to significant improvement in bio efficacy. To be sure, not only does our VAM technology increase the energy status of zeolite particles, but it makes them so small (all under 1 ųm) that they detoxify the system at the actual, cellular level—a feat that no other technologies on today’s market can perform

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