July 1, 2022

Best Quality Zeolite – ZeoRise – Finest Zeolite Today

Best Quality Zeolite - How to Find it?

The best quality zeolite on the market has unique qualities. It can effectively absorb and remove toxic content from the body, such as heavy metals, ammonia, nitrates, mycotoxins and other harmful molecules in the gastrointestinal tract.

It’s not always easy to find pure tribomechanically micronized zeolite clinoptilolite. Yet it is only this kind of zeolite that can offer full-fledged benefits, as above mentioned. However, by being aware of a few key indicators, one can find the best quality zeolite and enjoy maximum well-being.

Under 5 microns

When someone wants to find the best quality zeolite, the ideal option is to find  zeolite that is under 5 microns in size. 

The tribomechanical activation of zeolite results in the micronization of the mineral raw material. This micronization is achieved by a process of vortexing, which alters the physical and chemical properties of natural zeolite. 

Also, exposure to temperature is necessary to achieve a certain dehydration degree (the removal of bound water). The tribomechanical process produces very small particles of zeolite, from 2 μm to 5 μm (microns), while retaining their crystal structure.

This process significantly increases active adsorption surface, electrostatic charge, and ionic capacity exchanges. It also increases the stability of ionic bonds compared to non-activated zeolite.

Ideal structure for removal of heavy metals

The structure of the best quality clinoptilolite zeolite is represented by a crystal grid. The structural skeleton of this grid is comprised of SiO4 (silicate) and AlO4 (aluminate) tetrahedra. Between them the formation of cavities and channels of 0.4 μm in size occur, and they are filled with bound ions of Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, etc.

These cations easily exchange with other ions, and especially with heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, cesium, nickel and arsenic. As a result, our metabolism easily expels them from the body.

The finer the zeolite, the more effective it is in its’ capacity to capture harmful elements and remove them from our body. 

5-micron ZeoRise is at the top-grade level of the best quality zeolite

ZeoRise zeolite, being 2-5 micron in size, is the finest quality zeolite one can find today. It acts quickly and effectively in capturing and removing damaging elements that enter into our bodies. ZeroRise zeolite draws them out of our system and helps us in feeling better about our health.

Best Quality Zeolite
Best Quality Zeolite – ZeoRise – Finest Zeolite Today
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ZeoRise is the best quality Zeolite on the market. Its remarkable properties help in detox and increase the body’s immunity level
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