February 5, 2020

Antioxidant Effects – Can Zeolite Clinoptilolite help?

Antioxidant Effects - Zeolite

Antioxidant effects in zeolite - are they real?

The antioxidant effects of zeolite have been considerably debated and researched in the last few years.

There are numerous scientific studies that provide evidence supporting the claim that the cage-like structure of zeolite attracts and removes free radical molecules, resulting in reduced cell damage. 

This feature of zeolite makes it an effective antioxidant. Besides antioxidant effects, zeolite also has significant hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory properties.

How do antioxidants help our body?

Our body continuously produces a controlled amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Reactive oxygen species are unstable molecules which contain oxygen and are part of our cellular metabolism.

They easily react with other molecules in a cell. A healthy amount of their production is good for our health and cause no damage to our wellbeing. 

But when the body produces uncontrollably high amount of these unstable molecules, they may damage our DNA, RNA, proteins, and may cause cell death. Reactive oxygen species are free radicals.

In order to prevent that from happening, our body has antioxidant mechanisms that act as a principal regulator of ROS amount in our metabolism. When our antioxidant instruments work effectively, there is cell homeostasis. 

Homeostasis is a state consisting of stable, balanced and optimal biological conditions that maintain our survival. If our cell homeostasis is in order, our cells are in their ideal state of life. But if our cell homeostasis is out of balance, our body suffers and may develop serious, threatening conditions.

Therefore, a scenario in which there exists an imbalance between ROS production and antioxidant defence activity is unfavorable for our health. In that negative state, the accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is greater that our antioxidant capacity to clean them. That is called “oxidative stress”. This condition may lead to organic damage and ill health.

Knowing all this, here is where antioxidant activity assistance and support may play a big difference in our bodies. 

Traditional antioxidants reduce the free energy of radicals and interrupt oxidation chain reactions. The particularity of zeolite, however, is that it attracts and captures free radicals in their entire, complex structure. Zeolite deactivates them and then eliminates them from the body. In this way, zeolite significantly accelerates and complements the effect of traditional antioxidants. These are the antioxidant effects that zeolite can have on our wellbeing.

Antioxidant Effects – Can Zeolite Clinoptilolite help?
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Antioxidant effects help the body lower oxidative stress and reduce the risks of neurological disorders, atherosclerosis, and obesity.
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